Ghett'a Life Review

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Aspiring lightweight champ Derrick (Burton) is frustrated in his ambitions by his father, a Jamaican politician wary of allowing his son to train in a gym run by political rivals. But despite the strains of election year, the young boxer defies his dad and follows his fists.


With dreams of representing Jamaica at boxing, Derrick (Kevoy Burton) has no option but to train at a gym on the rival side of his politically divided Kingston ghetto. Although putting his family’s lives in danger and risking further community violence, the budding pugilist also aspires to unite the warring factions through his boxing... hey, it’s Rocky IV! If only Ghett’a Life had the simplistic narrative structure of Stallone’s flicks; instead it veers between storylines without ever really convincing. Sadly the boxing’s not up to much either, and the fights create about as much suspense as an Audley Harrison bout. Chris Browne does effectively evoke a vibrant image of Kingston, but that’s the closest it gets to landing a substantial blow.

Tangled plot lines and murkily choreographed fight scenes drain this fight flick of juice.