Getaway Review

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After his wife is taken hostage in a brutal kidnapping, former NASCAR driver Brent Magna (Hawke) is forced into driving around Sofia, Bulgaria in a stolen car by a heard-but-not-seen evil mastermind. His task gets tougher when he is joined by the Kid (Gomez), a tech whiz whose car Magna has stolen.


After starring in one of the best films of 2013 (Before Midnight), Ethan Hawke ends the year in one of the worst. He plays Brent Magna (honestly), an ex NASCAR driver who gets coerced into bombing around Bulgaria for a mysterious villain who is holding Magna’s wife hostage. Getaway should be a fun B movie but it has no sense of its own ridiculous. Throw in Selena Gomez as a computer genius, uninventive car chases, a LOUD bombastic soundtrack, a ludicrous master plan and one good shot racing through Sofia and the result is moronic, relentless and dull.

While the seemingly endless car chase has many literal gear changes, Getaway as a film is a monotone experience. Ninety four minutes rarely feel this long.

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