G-Force Review

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A team of secret agent guinea pigs are given a mission to prevent a billionaire from taking over the world.


Mission: Impossible in 3-D with CG vermin — but it could have been worse. A starry voice cast (Nicolas Cage as a mole; Sam Rockwell, Penélope Cruz and Jon Favreau as guinea pigs) play secret-agent pets out to prove their worth by tackling a sinister scheme to bring kitchen utensils to Transformers-style evil life (“Yippee-kay-yay, coffee-maker,” snarls a hero after smashing one killbot).

There’s a Bolt-style tendency to interrupt action-adventure fun with yucky life lessons (and fart jokes), and few over eight would be seen dead buying a ticket, but for its intended audience it’s reasonably ingenious fun. And Steve Buscemi is a hoot as a paranoid hamster. Better than Transformers 2 by a whisker.

Absolutely thrilling fun, if you're 8.