Futureworld Review

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Reporters Chuck and Tracy investigate Delos, a robot-staffed resort for a plot to replace world leaders with androids.


Delos, The Robot-Staffed luxury resort of the future, re-opens after the Westworld disaster, and snoopy reporters Peter Fonda and Blythe Danner investigate a conspiracy to replace world leaders with androids.

This sequel hares off in a different, less interesting direction — with Yul Brynner returning only in a dream sequence — but offers a lot of gadgetry (hologram chessmen, vast rocket silos) which was hi-tech in 1976 and sweetly retro now. Fonda and Danner — who looked then exactly like her daughter, Gwyneth Paltrow, does now — are likable leads in ’70s futurist leisurewear (why didn’t those tailored jumpsuits catch on?), and some creepy corporate robot action helps (Danner’s gunfight with her robot duplicate), but it’s a lot less exciting than the original and replaces satire with TV-style plotting.

Not as good as the original but the watching the leads is fun.