Frozen Review

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Three skiers are left stranded 100 feet above the ground when their chairlift abruptly stops. As the wolves gather beneath them, they're left to make some stark decisions.


Best buds Dan (Kevin Zegers) and Joe (Shawn Ashmore), along with Dan’s girlfriend Parker (Emma Bell), unwisely hop on the last ski-lift of the weekend and are stranded 100 feet in the air when the mountain is closed. No-one will find them for days, and wolves gather below. Yes, it’s Open Water up a mountain, but none the less effective a suspense-horror item for all that, with some sharp writing — tensions between the trio aren’t helped by their predicament — and nigh-on infallible rock-and-a-hard-place plotting. Adam Green’s concise film starts with a ‘what-would-you-do?’ scenario as ordinary folk cope with a crisis no less deadly for being absurd and escalates through embarrassment (someone needs to pee), panic and grue (frostbitten flesh stuck to metal) to desperate, bloody measures.

Taut and tense, it's an effective suspence-horror.