Freebird Review

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Three London motorcycle couriers Fred (Gary Stretch), Tyg (Geoff Bell) and Grouch (Phil Daniels) set off from the capital in search of an elusive hippy and his cannabis farm in the Welsh mountains.


While Easy Rider and Wales are both great, newcomer Jon Ivay’s decision to mix them together in this messy drama isn’t. Three bikers, heading off on a road trip to relieve a Welsh hippie of his marijuana, get embroiled in a war between two biker clans. The turgid plot is not helped by the undefined characters, the fact that the nominal lead (Gary Stretch) shows all the emotional span of a toaster, and beautiful scenery shots spoiled by the preposterous mess of coincidence.

By the time the team are caught between the two gangs, the film’s become as predictable as the presence of the titular Lynyrd Skynyrd track, rocking our heroes to freedom and the audience to sleep.

Somehow both predictable and preposterous.