Freddy's Nightmares Review

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Scissor-fingered loon Freddy Krueger (Englund) is back to haunt and hack at the residents of Elm Street. A sthe franchises keep on proving, you can't keep a good - or, for that matter a bad - serial killer down.


None of the groundbreaking special effects of the early films remain. In fact, it seems special effects have leapt backwards to the laughable rudiments of low-budget cable horror. Which is, essentially, what this is; two episodes of the US television Nightmare on Elm Street spin-off rudely sewn together, linked only by the cackled jokes of deep-fried child molester Freddy Krueger. Part One has Freddy haunting the Sheriff who killed him, Part Two is about voodoo in high school. Ineptly shot, haphazardly put together, never frightening with no characters or plot to care about, this is purely an exercise in making a few more bucks from the Krueger name.

Freddy lost his edge a long time ago and has been blunted, almost beyond recognition, from the sharp young go-getter we used to know and love into a bad joke told too often.