The Fox And The Child Review

Image for The Fox And The Child

Combining documentary footage with fiction, the film focuses on a young girl and her friendship with a fox. An adult narrator will tell the tale as a memoir of her childhood.


March Of The Penguins’ anthropomorphised heroes and rich images set the format for cute animal films, and Luc Jacquet’s latest keeps the visual standard high. Based on a childhood encounter Jacquet had with a fox, a girl befriends the beast she sees around her house. Sadly, the enchanting scenes following animals in areas humans rarely visit are spoiled by The Child. Winslet’s voiceover is cloyingly horrid, as is the bizarrely ignorant girl’s pondering. “Why does she keep running away from me?” she asks, chasing after her fox. For a country girl, she’s one harassment away from an RSPCA disciplinary order.

Despite some lovely scenes of foxes doing their thing, the whole affair is ruined by the interfering and rahter annoying humans.