The Flying Scotsman Review

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True story of Grame Obree the troubled Scotsman who broke the world, one-hour cycling record on a bike constructed from washing machine parts.


Jonny Lee Miller might as well change his nationality and be done with it, because three of his best performances — Trainspotting, Regeneration, this — have a Scottish connection. Here he plays cyclist Graeme Obree, who startled the sport in 1993 by breaking the world one-hour record on a bike made out of washing-machine parts.

The film mostly sticks to a standard underdog-against-the-odds formula, complete with contrasting best mates, long-suffering wife and a hissable villain from cycling’s governing body. Miller carries the film into darker, more interesting terrain, however, showing how Obree’s outsider status was the result of mental health problems.

A typically engaging performance from Johnny Lee Miller takes this slightly above the usual underdog movie cliche.