Flawless Review

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A retiring janitor (Caine) convinces a bored executive (Moore) to help steal a handful of diamonds from their employer, the London Diamond Corporation.


Michale Caine and Demi Moore are undeniably talented, but they’ve had their share of flops. Jaws: The Revenge, anyone? Striptease?

At first it seems they’ve made another, as an unsubtle opening montage of businesswomen in present-day London jumps to 1960 where a mining exec (Moore) is hitting the glass ceiling. But things pick up when a janitor with his own axe to grind (Caine) moots a heist. Moore is all high heels and pencil skirts, negotiating one ludicrous plot twist after another, while Caine is solid as the working-class gent with an agenda. However, something’s missing: fun.

There’s little by way of thrills. Still, as a caper with a great cast and clever premise, Flawless works, despite its, um, flaws.