Firehouse Dog Review

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Rexxx the Hollywood stunt dog gets lost and ends up in a small town where he’s saved by Connor, a single father and his lonely 12 year old son.


Faced with a fire hydrant, most dogs would cock a leg. Grown-up audiences might want to do the same to this fart-obsessed family comedy, although younger viewers who prefer Beethoven to Amadeus will lap up the computer-enhanced canine aerobatics.

Separated from a film crew while shooting a commercial, Rexxx - Hollywood’s most pampered four-legged star - becomes a fire-station mascot. Using his movie-stunt skills, Rexxx carries out 911 rescue missions while forming a bond with troubled Shane (Hutcherson), son of the firehouse captain.

Hutcherson handles the drama well, but the faked doggy-style tricks keep any serious stuff on a tight leash.

No matter how you hose it down, it's always gonna smell of wet dog.