Fermat's Room Review

Image for Fermat's Room

Four mathematicians, locked in an ever- shrinking room, must solve a succession of puzzles to survive.


A cunning if indifferently resolved entry into the growing math-horror sub-genre (Cube, Pi etc.) that also hails from Spain, the current go-to nation for Gothic shockers. The set-up follows four suspiciously charismatic mathematicians to a remote warehouse on the promise of the resolution to an age-old enigma. Who has invited them is a mystery, but the more — literally — pressing concern is that the walls are moving in at an alarming rate, temporarily interrupted when they solve the various arithmetical conundrums texted in by the shadowy villain. During the early moves, tensions run high, but the limp outcome deflates the early promise.

Maths boffins + twist of mystery - patchy ending = uneven thriller