Feed Review

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A cybercrime investigator (Thompson) tracks a man (O'Lachlan) suspected of force-feeding women to death.


Here’s a new serial-killer method: preening nutcase Alex O’Lachlan pampers overweight girls by shoving fattening foods down their cakeholes while taking internet bets on how long they’ll live. Australian cop Patrick Thompson, who has been tracking sickos for too long, becomes obsessed and travels to Ohio for a showdown, only for the villain to start probing the sinister depths of his psyche.

Made by Brett Leonard (The Lawnmower Man), this suffers from overdirected scenes which try to make using a computer seem exciting or get cheap gag-responses from shots of the killer shovelling food into Gabby Millgate (in a grotesque fat-suit). The ending, full of ranting and battering, goes on forever — but Feed still has a unique, uncomfortable premise and good acting. Still, it’s not for everyone.

Sicker than it is psycho, but at least it’s a thriller with a new angle.