Peter Jackson Prop Art: The Bigiatures

Image for Peter Jackson Prop Art: The Bigiatures

Those prized assets created by Weta Workshop for The Lord Of The Rings films, so small yet so big.

Ready to be battered down by a tiny Grond.

Check out the perfectly rendered projectile damage and tiny pot of flowers. Despite repeated begging, Peter Jackson was not swayed my Empire’s suggestion said bigiature would really tie his living room together.

In the background a different scaled sets of buildings. Possibly Minas Tirith for Action Man.

Cardboard boxes to scale.

It’s only Minas Tirith again: spot the tiny statues of Gondorians, tiny Starbucks just round the back.

Full scale Treebeard: don’t worry, he’s armless. (Sorry not sorry)

For Sauron’s iron-clad abode, a paranoid fusion of building, inhabitable weapon and demonic pipe organ. Tim Burton has put in an offer.

Off season.