Oscar Nominees 2012: Best Original Screenplay

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It’s that time of year again, as Hollywood’s finest find themselves, with alarming regularity, donning outfits that cost more than your house and jewellery worth more than you will earn in a lifetime. But awards season is all building to one supreme event, the Empire Awards Oscars on February 26. Ahead of that milestone, we assess the chances of each nominee in the major categories, and see who’s looking good ahead of the big night…

Why He Will Win

He’s Woody Allen! And he’s written a script that combines romantic comedy, time travel %28but not in an offputting sci-fi way%29 and literature, and set it in Paris. Surely that deserves a nod. ![]%28/images/uploaded/oscarwin.jpg%29 Allen hasn’t won since Hannah And Her Sisters in 1987. Surely he’s overdue. And he’s one of only two nominees this year also up for the Writers Guild award. Voting for Woody would give Academy voters the chance to show that they too are familiar with Stein, Picasso, Hemmingway and the rest…

Why He Won't Win

He’s Woody Allen! He already has two Screenplay Oscars so there’s no need to rush to give him another. ![]%28/images/uploaded/oscarloss.jpg%29 Wait, romantic comedy? And sci-fi? And you seriously think this could win? AHAHAHA. Any of the nominees in this category would allow voters to feel smart this year. OK, maybe not Bridesmaids.
Why He Will Win

It takes an exceptional script for a foreign film to be nominated in this category; maybe it

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