Invasion Aftermath: The Flash, Supergirl, Arrow, Legends of Tomorrow — What's Next

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The "Invasion" crossover event involving the DC series Supergirl, The Flash, Arrow and DC's Legends Of Tomorrow was a massive success in terms of drawing in much larger audiences than the shows usually do. Now, of course, the pressure is on to keep those viewers, and the first taste of what's to come can be found in the promos below, which represent the shows' return following "winter hiatus" (euphemism for a string of re-runs).


Episode 2.9: "Supergirl Lives"

23 January (CW) in the US. 24 January (Sky1) in the UK

When Kara and Mon-El attempt to find a missing woman, they are inadvertently drawn through a portal that transports them to Slaver's Moon. On this world, beings are trafficked as slaves, and the person in charge is Roulette (the mastermind of the dopey alien fight club in National City earlier in the season). Naturally Supergirl and Mon-El would like to put a stop to it all, only this world has a red sun — which means neither of them have powers. The episode is directed by Kevin Smith. Any shot Jay and Silent Bob will appear?

What's Next: Besides the musical crossover with The Flash, viewers can expect the return of the energy-absorbing Parasite, and the introduction of Superman's magical nemesis, the Fifth-dimensional Mxyzptlk. Adds executive producer Andrew Kreisberg, "Kara is still facing CADMUS, and there will be a couple of returning villains. [But] I think a lot of the pull of the next episodes is the mystery of Mon-El and what is he hiding, and who are these people who are tracking him. And that coincides with [Kara and Mon-El] growing closer, and seeing where that relationship goes.”

The Flash

Episode 3.10: "Borrowing Problems From The Future"

24 January (CW) in the US. 31 January (Sky1) in the UK

Having had a vision of the future in which Savitar — the god of speed — murders Iris, Barry is reluctant to do anything that might cause that to come true. That includes stopping a meta-human named Plunder, causing Wally to take that task into his own hands as Kid Flash — which may not be as helpful as Wally thinks it is.

What's Next: Exciting for fans will be the return of super-intelligent gorilla Grodd, who was last seen being sent to "Gorilla City" on Earth-2. Says Kreisberg, "We're going to have a two-part Grodd episode. One of them will take place in Gorilla City and one of them will take place on Earth-1." Introduced in the episodes will be the city's leader, Solovar, voiced by Keith David (Goliath on the '90s animated series Gargoyles).

Another returnee will be a new incarnation of season two baddie, Zoom. Explains actor Teddy Sears to TV Guide, "Zoom has been transformed into Black Flash, who has quite a place in the mythology of The Flash. He's like the grim reaper for speedsters."

DC's Legends Of Tomorrow

Episode 2.10: "Raiders Of The Lost Art"

24 January (CW) in the US. TBA February (Sky1) in the UK.

At attempt by Damien Darhk and Malcolm Merlyn to capture Rip Hunter in 1967 (where, having lost his memory, he's a film school graduate) creates a major time aberration that is impacting on Ray and Nate. Thrown into the mix is the Spear Of Destiny and, apparently, George Lucas!

What's Next: Wentworth Miller will be reprising the role of Captain Cold (Leonard Snart), despite the fact that character sacrificed himself in season one (ah, the joys of time travel). He'll be joining Damien Darhk, Malcolm Merlyn and the Reverse-Flash as part of the Legion Of Doom. As the actor mused to EW, "My sense is that if Snart comes back into the storyline via his present day incarnation, then he's a straight up villain. He hasn't gone on that first season Legends Of Tomorrow journey yet, so when we meet him again — "alive" in 2017 — I imagine that he's gong to be much like when we first met him on The Flash, which I'm looking forward to, because it means I get to arc to a completely different place."


Episode 5.10: "Who Are You?"

25 January (CW) in the US. 2 February (Sky1) in the UK

Oliver's confidence shaken by Prometheus' claim that he is a killer at his core, he's desperate for anything that provides hope, and the seeming return of Laurel Lance (from the dead) could provide it. We, of course, being cynical, are reasonably confident that she's actually Earth-2's Black Siren. Why isn't Oliver?

What's Next: Obviously Laurel's return in some form or another is the big news, and there will be more revealed about the season's Big Bad, Prometheus. Also, amusingly, when appearing at a Wizard World convention, Stephen Amell shared his feelings on one of the impacts the "Invasion" crossover has on Oliver Queen: "I think Oliver has definitely researched Kryptonite, for sure. I might need to waste these guys at some point, and I'm going to have to have my bag of tricks." How positively Batman of him.

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