There And Back Again: The Hobbit Timeline

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Unquestionably, the film most in the news in 2010 was one that won’t even be out for a couple of years: The Hobbit. The adaptation of JRR Tolkien’s other book about short people on a quest has been a no-brainer of an idea ever since The Lord Of The Rings ruled them all, but it’s been bogged down in legal issues for much of the decade since. Here’s what developed this year…

January 25
Warners Studio head Alan Horn says that the studio is planning a "fourth quarter 2012" release for the film.
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Ian McKellen says that The Hobbit is due to start shooting in July.
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But wait! It looks like MGM's problems are delaying things again.
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Del Toro leaves The Hobbit, leaving the directorship in limbo.
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Guillermo del Toro says there's no official start date or green light in place.
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Warners announces a Xmas 2012 release date, correcting earlier reports of a Xmas 2013 date for the first film.
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David Yates is rumoured to be in line for The Hobbit - but immediately denies any plans in that direction.
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Rumours have Neill "District 9" Blomkamp in line for the job.
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MGM's situation remains unclear and the stars appear unaligned, Jackson reportedly begins casting.
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Jackson reports the status should be resolved "sometime soon" and "untangling the MGM situation" is being made.
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Sir Ian McKellen claims that the current aim is that shooting start in January 2011.
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Martin Freeman, rumoured to be Bilbo, initially said to be out because of his commitments to the BBC's Sherlock.
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Sylvester McCoy is said to be in the running for a role, "but not as Bilbo".
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The Hobbit faces problems, with acting unions calling on their members to boycott the film in a dispute over contract terms.
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Jackson confirms that the film is still awaiting the official green light. Says he is only a writer and producer.
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Freeman confirms the report that he initially had to turn The Hobbit down because of Sherlock.
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The Hobbit is officially greenlit, with Peter Jackson officially directing (and writing and producing) the two planned films.
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Martin Freeman is confirmed as Bilbo, along with some of the key dwarves.
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After some uncertainty, The Hobbit's union issues are settled.
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More casting rumours surface, with David Tennant, James Nesbitt and Michael Fassbender (eh?) all reportedly in the mix.
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After high-level negotiations, the NZ government reaches a deal to keep The Hobbit in the country.
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James Nesbitt is confirmed for a role, playing dwarf Bofur, with Adam Brown also joining as Ori.
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Howard Shore, composer of the Lord of the Rings trilogy, is confirmed as returning for The Hobbit.
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Orlando Bloom is reportedly "near a deal" to return as Legolas.
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Cate Blanchett signs on to reprise her role as Galadriel.
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