Gallery: The World's Greatest Movie-Punning Restaurants

Image for Gallery: The World's Greatest Movie-Punning Restaurants

Nothing beats a good movie pun, except perhaps two movie puns stitched together. Some people may consider it to be a lowly form of expression, but you won’t find any of those people around here. Heck, when even the idea of a ‘Squeakquel’ brings a grin to your face, a whole gallery of movie punning restaurants, bars and vintners is a guaranteed day-maker. With some glee, therefore, we present you exactly that, complete with our best-guess tips on what to order. See you on Hamburger Hill...

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Location: Mobile (but mostly Arkansas)

What to order? The Admiral Ackburger and a side of jawa-peños.

Location: Melbourne

What to order? The pulled Piggy sandwich

Location: Mallorca

What to order? Two fish in a vest

Location: Belfast

What to order? Iceberg lettuce and an icy coke float (for one)

Location: Maryland

What to order? A bottle of Pecks

Location: London

What to order? A bottle of Stinking Paws-deaux

Location: North Humberside

What to order? Definitely not the dory or the marlin

Location: Sheffield

What to order? Mod and chips

Location: New York

What to order? Crocodile soup

Location: Seattle

What to order? The left-handed sub sandwich

Location: Connecticut

What to order? A Nick-the-Greek salad

Location: Ottawa

What to order? Fillet of flying fish.

Location: Goa

What to order? Bangers and koba-mashi potatoes

Location: London

What to order? Shoeless Joe’s build-your-own burger

Location: Darwin

What to order? The royale with cheese. Obviously

Location: Nancy

What to order? The ‘Say Halal To My Little Friend’ is pretty fiery

Location: Portland

What to order? Revenge (served cold)

Location: Birmingham

What to order? Try the meatballs. Avoid the venison and anything freshly made

Location: New South Wales

What to order? Mountain Dew