Empire's #fav7films Twitter poll – the results

Image for Empire's #fav7films Twitter poll – the results

Yesterday, apropos of nothing in particular, Empire took to Twitter and asked you to list your seven favourite films, using the hashtag #fav7films. The whole thing very nearly broke the internet, as they say, and for a little while #fav7films was the number 1 trending topic in the world.

Empire staff started the ball rolling by sharing their favourite movies; Empire readers followed, then other journalists, and eventually bona fide movie stars and directors got in on the game, too – from Ricky Gervais and Rob Lowe to Amy Schumer and Adam McKay. Here's a selection of our favourite entries.

Our pals over at Mashable even hired a social media research firm to analyse the results and see which films featured most prominently among the lists on Twitter. According to the research by Fizziology, the hashtag was used almost 100,000 times between 10am and midnight BST on Monday, and Christopher Nolan's Batman sequel The Dark Knight was the most popular, featuring in over 5,000 lists, closely followed by Pulp Fiction. Another intriguing fact they dug out: Space Jam was mentioned more than Annie Hall. Woody Allen's incisive comedy is clearly no match for Bugs Bunny.

Here's the top 15. If you haven't joined in on the fun yet, get thee hence to Twitter, and be sure to use the hashtag #fav7films.

  1. The Dark Knight: 5,056
  2. Pulp Fiction: 4,966
  3. Shawshank Redemption: 4,910
  4. Empire Strikes Back: 4,772
  5. The Godfather (all films): 4,604
  6. Goodfellas: 3,877
  7. Alien (all films): 3,730
  8. Fight Club: 3,574
  9. Harry Potter (all films): 2,757
  10. Jaws: 2,622
  11. Forrest Gump: 2,530
  12. Jurassic Park: 2,356
  13. Blade Runner: 1,862
  14. The Big Lebowski: 1,860
  15. Rocky (all films): 1,807