Classic Scene #55: Scrooge

Image for Classic Scene #55: Scrooge

SCROOGE: (Angry) Cratchit! You’re late! What d’you mean by coming in this time of the day, eh?

CRATCHIT: I’m very sorry, sir. I am behind my time, sir.

SCROOGE: Hmm, you are indeed. Step this way Mr. Cratchit, please.

CRATCHIT: It’s only once a year, sir. It won’t be repeated. I was making rather merry yesterday, sir.

SCROOGE: I’m sure you were. Well, we won’t beat about the bush my friend, I’m not going to stand this sort of thing any longer, which leaves me no alternative... but to raise your salary!

(He laughs heartily, Bob gazes at him in disbelief)

SCROOGE: Oh, I haven’t taken leave of my senses, Bob, I’ve come to them. From now on I want to try to help you to raise that family of yours. If you’ll let me... Well, we’ll talk it over later Bob, over a bowl of hot punch, hmm? (He smiles warmly) Meanwhile you just go and put some more coal on that fire. You go straight out and buy a new coal scuttle. You do that before you dot another ‘i’, Bob Cratchit! (He thumps the table, laughing hysterically. Cratchit leaves, dumbfounded) Oh, I don’t deserve to be so happy! But I can’t help it, ha, ha, ha! (He wipes tears of joy from his eyes) I just can’t help it!