10 Essential Star Trek articles for the 50th Anniversary

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Today marks the 50th Anniversary of the original Star Trek, a show that, despite limping through three years of its original run from 1966-69, remains highly relevant half a century later. The thirteenth feature film inspired by the show — Star Trek Beyond — was released this summer, and the sixth TV spin-off, Discovery, will be arriving in January. Bottom line: Star Trek isn’t going anywhere.

To celebrate this historic occasion, Empire is offering up this collection of articles that explores the franchise, with an emphasis on the original series.

1. 50 Best Star Trek Episodes


2. Star Trek: Why It Still Matters


3. Star Trek 50th Anniversary Podcast


4. Star Trek On TV: What Worked And What's Next


5. William Shatner On 50 Years Of Star Trek


6. 10 Unfilmed Star Trek Episodes


7. The Star Trek Expanded Universe

Star Trek

8. Cast Of Star Trek Then And Now


9. The Evolution Of The Star Trek Uniform


10. Star Trek: The Motion Picture Review