The Face Of Love Review

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When lonely, grieving widow Nikki (Bening) meets a man (Harris) who's the doppelganger of her dead husband (also Harris), she falls hard for the idea of rekindling past emotions. But is she leaving herself open to much greater pain?


After her husband dies suddenly, Nikki (Annette Bening) is lost — until she sees a man (Ed Harris) who looks exactly like him. It may not be the most sensible thing to start a relationship with this stranger and fail to inform him about the uncanny resemblance, but then, this is a romantic melodrama, so sensible doesn’t really come into it. It’s an unlikely but effective tear-jerker with enough mystery to maintain tension, with the quality elevated by impressive, dignified performances from Bening and Harris. Watch out for a poignant turn from Robin Williams as a lonely, lovelorn neighbour.

A soapy but stirring romance with two committed leads.