The Eye Review

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A young girl, blind from the age of two, has her sight restored with a cornea transplant, only to discover the unfortunate side-effect: the ability to see disgruntled spirits.


Remember the song Gary Gilmore’s Eyes? No? Well, the Pang brothers take The Advert’s minor punk classic and run with it, fashioning a truly unnerving tale from the idea that a blind girl, who receives an experimental cornea transplant, starts seeing more than she might care to.

Creepy as hell, The Eye makes The Sixth Sense look like Ghostbusters.

There is a touch of Irvin Kershner’s The Eyes Of Laura Mars about the film, and comparisons with The Sixth Sense are inevitable, but the Pangs’ stunning visual flourishes puts The Eye in a veritable class of its own.

Whilst their previous film, Bangkok Dangerous, was often in serious peril of swamping content with style, The Eye redresses the balance and delivers an intriguing and thoroughly menacing little tale.

It milks every aspect of cinema: special effects, camerawork, sound, music, editing. Hell, even the opening titles are ridiculously disturbing.

Damn, yes! Oxide and Danny Pang direct the hell out of their films and the results are always visually exhilarating. One of the best horror movies of recent years.