Extreme Prejudice Review

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A Texas Ranger and drug kingpin were childhood friends but are now adversaries. They also share a girlfriend, who's currently seeing the ranger but is the drug lord's ex. But with a big drug deal coming up, a showdown seems inevitable.


Made back in the dim and distant days when Walter Hill was a respected director and Nick Nolte was an actor on the up, this slow-burning Tex/Mex melodrama is not without its moments, but it fails to ever rise above its inherent (at best) quite-good-ness.

Nolte is a smouldering old-school cop, Powers Boothe his former friend now running an A-Team-style crew of crims. Well, it was 1987. And, in the spirit of that age's credo of spectacular emptiness, the appropriately explosive showdown between the pair has to be seen to be believed.

There are flaws aplenty, but also some effective, old-fashioned Western style performances and a spectacularly over the top finish.