Evil Dead III: Army Of Darkness Review

Image for Evil Dead III: Army Of Darkness

Ash has accidentally been transported to the 13th century, where he has to find the Necronomicon (the Book of the Dead) in order to get back to his own time. However, when he accidentally unleashes an army of the dead, things get more than a little complicated.


Aka Evil Dead III (or The Medieval Dead), Sam Raimi tones down the horror and amps up the humour as indestructible chainsaw-wielding hero Ash (Bruce Campbell) is stranded in 13th-century England among hordes of the undead. There, he must find the Necronomicon, which is his only way of returning home.

Unfortunately for our hero, things are not quite that simple, as he discovers when he is first taken prisoner by the inhabitants of the time, then goes through hell trying to retrieve the book, finds an evil Ash growing out of his shoulder, and finally learns that he has accidentally unleashed an unstoppable supernatural army.

It's a non-stop ride, but the sheer insanity on display here eclipses anything in the previous films. The stop-go animation gives the whole thing a suitably unreal tinge, but this is an odd conclusion to the Dead saga.

As a film in its own right, this quirky Ray Harryhausen tribute (a skeleton army!) rocks. As an Evil Dead film, though, it's ultimately not funny, scary or gory enough.