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Richard pays a young prostiture to interview her about her job...but why?


A gentler take on seedy London life than many a Ray Winstone feature, this sees his character Richard befriending a Soho prostitute, Naomi (Jan Graveson). Apparently uninterested in sex, he pays to quiz her about her profession. But why? His reasons aren’t too hard to divine given his line of questioning, but if the ending’s predictable, its emotional power surprises.

The limited cast and locations give the lead actors a chance to breathe and develop their intriguing, sometimes darkly funny relationship at a steady pace (an unwanted subplot provides only an occasional interruption). Hawkins claims that Everything was an experiment to see if he could make a compelling film in nine and a half days for a budget of £47,500. He can consider the results a modest success.

Apparently an experiment in low-budget speed-filming, this has very almost succeeded admirably.