Everlasting Moments Review

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A working class mother in the early 1900s wins a camera in the lottery and her life begins to alter with her change of perspective through a lens and her friendship with a young photographer.


Short-listed for an Oscar nomination, this Swedish film is a quietly engaging watch. Based on a true story, it sees poverty-stricken mother Maria (Maria Heiskanen) winning a camera in the lottery during the early 20th century. Guided by a kindly camera shop-owner, she snatches moments of comfort from her treasured possession.

Unsurprisingly, her abusive husband sees both camera and mentor as threats. This boasts good performances and a strong sense of time and place, but those after a profoundly emotive character drama may be disappointed — this is more a snapshot of the early days of photography.

Superficially interesting in many ways but this doesn't really engage on a deeper level.