Equinox Review

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Henry Petosa and Freddy Ace are twins who were separated being babies, and they do not know each other. Henry was adopted by a honest man, while Freddy becomes a gangster. Henry is very shy and has a lot of mental troubles. The film melts the two stories by a young writer who discovers that they were sons of an European noble and they own a large inheritance


An urban fantasy set in an American city (in reality, Minneapolis) that exists either in the near future or an alternative present, where magic and romance co-exist with seediness and despair. A nurse pieces together the story of twins (both Modine) separated at birth — a sleek hoodlum and a meek garage man — who revolve around each other in a bizarre tangle of love, hope and murder, finally resolved in a restaurant shoot-up. As usual with Rudolph the meaning remains obscure, the ending goes off on some symbolic tangent featuring the Grand Canyon, but the supporting cast and incidental detail are uniformly amazing.

Flourishes of greatness, but flawed overall