Epic Movie Review

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Pirate Of The Caribbean, The Chronicles Of Narnia and The Da Vinci Code are all set to spoofed in this new goofball comedy from the writers of Scary/Date Movie. Expect Satire silly-style.


It’s hard to judge what’s more depressing: that this movie ever got made or that it ended up topping the US box office. From the people behind Scary Movies 1 to please-God-let-it-stop, Epic Movie follows the same formula with its blurred focus on the blockbuster. The Da Vinci Code, X-Men, Pirates and Narnia are just some of the lampooned movies, only there are bizarre sideswipes at non-epic targets like Borat, and the ‘satire’ amounts to nothing more than, say, Nacho Libre eating nachos (hilarious!).

With a cast consisting primarily of out-of-work impressionists and lookalikes, you have to wonder why Jennifer Coolidge, Crispin Glover and, hell, even Carmen Electra signed on. A disaster of epic proportions.

Epic in its crapness.