Enough Review

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Waitress Slim weds what seems like the perfect husband, Mitch, until he starts cheating and knocking her about. She goes on the run with their young daughter Gracie, but he doesn't take kindly and relentlessly pursues them. Slim hatches plan after elaborate plan to elude his wrath, ending up resorting to violence.


I am NOT a doormat!' spits Jennifer Lopez at a crucial turning point in Enough, which just about sums up the message of the entire – rather shoddy – thing.

Like a Brookside subplot, it concerns itself with the gradual empowerment of a battered wife. From some surprising uses of cunning, she soon beefs up on hand-to-hand combat to escape her horror hubby. Which is where events start to turn from the faintly dull to the downright ridiculous.

Even a charming performance from Juliette Lewis as Lopez's pal can't save this from feeling like an extended soap opera, and a confused one at that. Going through the motions is British stalwart Apted; add this to Enigma, and he is a long way from his last hit.

The rom-com-gone-wrong plot is under-developed and the film noir stylings remain incongruous.