Emerald City Review

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John Hargreaves is a Melbourne scriptwriter who makes a big move into the very different working and social whirl of Sydney, but attempts to rediscover his heart and spirit from beneath a mass of dollars.


A strident rant of a movie, this adaptation of David Williamson’s play was released in the UK two years after its run in Australia, solely because of the presence of the-then Mrs Tom Cruise, a virtually unknown 21-year-old Nicole Kidman already donning those famous red curls.

She plays Helen, the glamorous girlfriend of John Hargreaves’ (Rogers) new working partner Mikc McCord (Haywood) and mostly stands around looking pretty while the two of them argue about the Australian film business.

Hargreaves, decides to turn his back on the money to churn out something exceptionally Australian, but comes up against an industry with the American dollar in its sights. In doing so our protagonist incurrs not the least bit of sympathy in this ill-conceived big screen adaptation, which, the odd shallow laugh apart, falls flat on its face.

Overloaded with preachy theatrical dialogue and with an earnest but unsympathetic hero, this simply does not work as a film.