Easy Riders, Raging Bulls Review

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Based on the book by Peter Biskind, Kenneth Bowser looks at the '70s Golden Age in Hollywood, and how it gave way to the blockbuster-driven '80s.


Based on Peter Biskind's book, Kenneth Bowser's documentary charts Hollywood's Second Golden Age from Easy Rider in 1969 to Raging Bull in 1980 through the '70s and the era of the 'movie brats'.

By focusing on the filmmakers who affected the changes (Coppola, Spielberg, Polanski, Altman, Bogdanovich etc.), it captures the excitement of this era as well as the disappointment of its eventual artistic collapse due to an excess of success, drugs, sex and paranoia. While most of the big names refused to be interviewed for this film (perhaps unsurprisingly given some of the comments in Biskind's book) this still contains enough testimony from the era to fascinate fans of '70s cinema.

As a documentary, this breaks no new ground - but the subject matter is interesting enough to sustain the running time.