Earth To Echo Review

Image for Earth To Echo

Three suburban kids (Bradley, Halm, Hartwig), faced with the demolition of their neighbourhood to accommodate a new freeway, trace a strange signal into the desert of Nevada. There they find a strange alien creature. But can they keep their new friend from falling into the wrong hands?


A family found-footage update of E.T. meets The Goonies sounds ominous. Earth To Echo, though, is delightful. Three young boys, about to be separated, follow strange signals on their mobiles into the dark desert to find... Witty and well-told, the film has funny depictions of the kids who’ve grown up with the internet, but it also crackles with the childish excitement of heading into the unknown, at night, with only your best pals for support. The last act sinks towards the level of a poor man’s take on Spielberg’s masterpiece, but it’s lifted by a final wondrous spectacle that Steven would surely applaud.

Does for E.T. what Super 8 did for Close Encounters. As lovably '80s as Reece's Pieces and pop socks.