Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story Review

Image for Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story

This is the biopic of kung-fu legend Bruce Lee, from his humble beginnings to international fame and fortune.


Although himself no relation, Jason Scott Lee makes a firm fist of his portrayal of the iconic kung fu demigod in this engaging biography-cum-glossy-drama that tells the rousing, tragic story of its eponymous inspiration.

Told for the most part from the perspective of lover Linda Lee (Holly), an evident bias undoubtedly jeopardises its validity as a factual commentary, but does not detract from an overall picture that engrosses (the fight scenes are consistently spectacular) and accurately captures the spontaneity and uplifting aura of exuberance that surrounded the legend until his sadly premature demise.

This plays up Lee's heroic accomplishments perhaps more than necessary, but it's impossible to deny the power of the basic thrust of his life story, or the spectacular fight sequences.