Double Suspicion Review

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Retired cop Dwight Meadows, is reluctantly called out of retirement to catch "the one that got away", serial killer Greg Pike. When Greg starts pursuing Dwight as well as stalking his ex-wife Allison and new police (and sexual) partner Dana, things get much more heated.


The 100th serial killer film of the 90s: stripper Jeff Griggs works out his hatred of the hens in the audience by killing women randomly; Gary Busey is the cop who once let Griggs get away and is called out of retirement to put the scumbag away forever; Kim Cattrall is the estranged wife who gets imperilled at the end; and Darlanne Fluegel is the out-of-town cop who turns vigilante to avenge her sister's death. Both actresses have silly topless lovemaking scenes with the delighted Gary, but the one billed after the title is killed to make way for a romantic ending.

Busey and the women are always welcome, but the movie doesn't have an original move in its repertoire.