Dogging: A Love Story Review

Image for Dogging: A Love Story

The story is based around the illicit sexual activity of dogging, and one young man's quest for true love in the minefield that is 21st century romance.


Dogging may be yesterday’s tabloid news, but it’s an original subject for a romantic comedy. Unemployed journalist Dan (Luke Treadaway) is researching an article on dogging when he befriends the relatively innocent Laura (Kate Heppell) in an internet chatroom. As Dan explores the Newcastle dogging scene, the pair unwittingly cross paths — will fate bring them together for good? It’s a seemingly authentic insight into a peculiarly British scene — there’s lots of info about flashing light codes and a credible mix of ages and attractiveness — but the bursts of laddish humour don’t sit easily with the romantic plotline, and the ending’s a cop-out.

Interesting and original premise which doesn't realise it's potential.