Disaster Movie Review

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More spoofing from the makers of Epic Movie and Meet The Spartans...


If Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer are to be believed, all you need to make a great spoof is a list of summer blockbusters and a copy of Heat. With a constant stream of pop culture icons stepping in front of the camera saying their name and then either farting, burping or getting crushed by a falling cow then hilarity is certain to ensue… right? Wrong, wrong, wrong. Portraying Amy Winehouse as a sabre-toothed alcoholic isn’t funny; subjecting the audience to a protracted “sexy” wrestling match isn’t funny; saying that Sarah Jessica Parker looks like a bloke isn’t funny. Puerile beyond belief and a possible hazard to brain cells, the only thing this offensive dross gets right is the title.

A horrific waste of time, money and oxygen.