Dirty Grandpa Review

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Zac Efron adds another arrested-development comedy to his roster, this time as the uptight grandson of Robert De Niro’s recently widowed Dick. Grandpa emotionally blackmails him into taking a road trip, which becomes a lesson in loosening up, getting drunk, getting naked, getting high, grabbing life by the balls, and making lots of jokes about balls. De Niro and Efron go all-in but there’s something dated about the script, graspingly keen to be edgy but often wearyingly outmoded — are we honestly still treating gay euphemisms as a bottomless well of hilarity? Even if the film takes a moment to sheepishly acknowledge its more offensive gags, it’s still asking for laughs from them. Dick casually having a wank in front of his grandson about sums up the tone we’re working with here.