Devlin Review

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Frank Devlin (Bryan Brown) is a New York detective whose interest is piqued when a mayoral candidate is assassinated, because Devlin and the candidate's father are bitter enemies. The investigation quickly takes a deadly turn when Devlin finds he's the fall guy in an elaborate setup, and is now the prime suspect in the killing.


A murkily complicated thriller with Bryan Brown as an Australian-accented New York cop recovering from alcoholism while he investigates the assassination of his ex-brother-in-law, a mayoral candidate.

He especially needs to solve this crime since mysterious baddies are intent on setting him up to take the blame for it. The conspiracy, involving misdeeds that date back 30 years, turns out to be connected to a Kennedy-style political dynasty led from a wheelchair by Lloyd Bridges.

Brown is gobsmacked to discover what the whole audience has guessed in reel one, especially if they've seen Winter Kills from which the final revelations have been shamelessly cribbed.

Generic and bereft of any ingenuity, only Rosenthal's aggressive direction and star Brown's laconic charm save Devlin from real mediocrity.