Devil Ship Pirates Review

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Following the defeat of the Spanish Armada in 1588, a lone ship limps into an isolated English port. There, the sailors manage to convince the inhabitants that the Spanish actually won the battle, and take control of the town. But after a short time, the locals take up arms against the newcomers.


A cheap, exciting swashbuckler from Hammer. Christopher Lee flashes a sword instead of fangs as a Spanish pirate stranded on a remote English shore, trying to persuade locals that the Armada has won and the country is under occupation. After much piratical muttering around the inn and tasteful groping of lusty wenches, stalwart character actors organise a resistance movement.

It has a decent premise, fine high-flown acting and a surprising streak of cynicism (the squire and the vicar sell out to the Spaniards). Lee, meanwhile, is ably supported by a shipload of familiar veterans as he takes control of the village.

An interesting break from the usual Hammer horror, this is carried by a decent cast, many heaving bosoms and a fair few buckled swashes.