The Devil's Rejects Review

Image for The Devil's Rejects

When the police raid the house of the Firefly family, they have already hightailed it, and set off on a cross country killing spree. Heading for Captain Spalding's half brother Charlie Altamont, they are pursued by an obessed bounty hunter.


Given that writer-director Rob Zombie (who should call himself something sensible like Robert Zombie if he wants any respect) is a rock musician, it’s no surprise that his second film is less a sequel to his first, House Of 1000 Corpses, than a cover version performed in a different style. That was schlocky carnival horror, but this is a gruesome road movie about a serial-killer family (clown Sid Haig, Manson-look Bill Moseley and cutie-pie Mrs Zombie) on the run, being nasty to everyone they meet.

It’s uncomfortably the work of someone who thinks mass murder is cool and has no feeling for regular humans, but makes room for actors who were in all Zombie’s favourite '70s horrors and recreates the exploitation vibe of the decade in sticky style.