Out Of Depth Review

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South London Lad, Paul Nixon, lands himself a job in a top advertising firm but soon finds himself increasingly involved with the criminal classes, after arranging revenge against his mother's attackers.


The debut feature from director Marshall, Out Of Depth tries hard to bring an original spin to the British gangster flick (that old chestnut), but sadly falls victim to a script of cheesy cliches and haphazard direction.

Maguire plays Paul Nixon, a Sarf London lad who's landed a job in a swanky advertising firm 'up West'. Nevertheless, he finds himself increasingly drawn into the dark underworld that is South London's criminal culture.

The film loses its way when Cockney-style mobsters enter the mix, and while Maguire is touching, he struggles to carry the complex material.

On the plus side, Marshall clearly has an impressive visual eye, but the final revelation only serves to illustrate the film's fatal lack of authenticity, which undermines the force of what is truly a tragic tale.