Dead Silence Review

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The town of Ravens Fair has been plagued by death for generations. Luckily, the tales of ghosts and twilight-hour murder are all but forgotten for happy newlyweds Jamie and Lisa. They’ve begun a new life far away from the darkness of their hometown. That is until Lisa is gruesomely murdered and Jamie makes a reluctant return to Ravens Fair. Back with his father, Jamie learns of the legend of a murdered ventriloquist, and how the mystery of his wife’s murder could lie in the town’s bloody past.


Saw director James Wan tones it down for this mild horror about
an apparently murderous ventriloquist’s dummy.

After the puppet mysteriously arrives on Jamie’s (Ryan Kwanten) doorstep, his wife (Amber Valetta) is killed and her tongue ripped out.

Jamie returns to his home town to investigate the curse of a local ventriloquist, while under investigation by a detective Lipton (Donnie Wahlberg). But early scares give way to predictable plotting and laughably corny dialogue.

Attempts to add eccentric character touches feel equally self-conscious. Most fatally, the doll itself is only occasionally scary. Furtive eye movements when the lead isn’t looking can only be spooky for so long.

For the love of Chucky, avoid this insipid attempt at reviving the killer doll horror.