Dead & Buried Review

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Visitors to a small town on the coast are being gorily murdered by mobs of townspeople. The local sheriff is trying to figure out what happened - but there are supernatural goings on that go far beyond anything he might expect.


With overtones of Stephen King and the merest hint of The Wicker Man, Gary Sherman's sinister little movie may be best remembered for its Stan Winston-produced gore effects (seen here for the first time fully uncut), but is, in fact, a smarter, creepier and more complex tale of small-town murder.

The murders of visiting tourist by mobs of townspeople are deeply disturbing, almost more so than the eventual return of their victims to wreak bloody revenge on those that put them in the ground. It's a different spin on the zombie film, and offers an engaging hero in James Farentino's town sheriff.

A nice twist on the usual small-town-hides-sinister-secret setup, this offers some genuine scares and impressive gore.