Over Her Dead Body Review

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A ghost tries to sabotage her former boyfriend's current relationship with a psychic.


Making 95 minutes seem as eternal as death itself is the only achievement of Over Her Dead Body, a messy twist on Heaven Can Wait – sort of.

When bridezilla Kate (Longoria) is killed on her wedding day, it’s hard to do anything but rejoice at her passing despite the short glimpse we get of her life. That she isn’t allowed into Heaven is no surprise. Meanwhile, her grieving fiancé Henry (Rudd) is left gloomily housebound, until his sister takes him to a psychic.

Psychic Ashley promises to convince him that he should move on, predictably falling for him in the process – until Kate’s ghost appears to fend her off.

Lacking in chemistry, comedy or even fun special-effects, this otherworldly tale is distinctly un-heavenly – and a real waste of at least Rudd’s talents.

No chemistry, no laughs, no nothing... we've got no love for this.