Dawg Review

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In order to inherit one million dollars, an egotistical ladies' man (Leary) must find all the women he's betrayed and convince them to forgive him.


The ever-reliable Miss Elizabeth Hurley once again demonstrates her ability to sap the energy out of any film she appears in, this time as a lawyer keeping an eye on philanderer Denis Leary, who must reform his wild ways in order to inherit $1 million.

Should that not be enough to put you off this unwatchable comedy, Hurley and co. work with the added 'bonuses' of an appalling script, over-glossy direction and a contrived plot which unravels within five minutes. Unfortunately, after this point, there are still another 75 minutes left for the movie to run.

A bad cast, premise and script combine to make this about as bad as it gets. Thank god it's mercifully short.