Dangerous Passion Review

Image for Dangerous Passion

Kyle Western gets a gangster's girlfriend up the duff and they are forced to go on the run, persued by a host of trigger-happy hitmen.


A black godfather employs Carl Weathers as a household lacky, bound to the bossman by blackmail after forcibly being made an accessory to murder.

Foolishly Weathers dallies in some extra-curricular activities with his master’s missus, she gets pregnant and they take to the road. Burning rubber in pursuit are a gang of trigger-happy hitmen who you can’t help but egg on, if only to put the film out of its interminable misery.

It's strange to see Carl Weathers and Billy Dee Williams in the same flick after years of people getting them mixed up. Even on the box cover its nigh on impossible to tell them apart.

Hardly a career highpoint for Lando and Apollo.