Dangerous Heart Review

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A drug dealer is on the search for his missing loot after a crooked cop he was liaising with snuffs it. Desperately trying to find his supply, he dons a disguise and pretend to romance the cop's wife, giving him to chance to search her house.


A crooked cop dies after ripping off big-time drug dealer Tim Daly and the man's widow (Lauren Holly) buys a bigger car. Daly shaves off his gangsta beard in an unconvincing attempt to go native in suburbia posing as a boring businessman, trying to woo Holly round and searching for the loot. Except it turns out that he really does begin to fall in love with Holly, (who'd have guessed it?) and alienates his mob who think he’s gone soft. A drab thriller with a heavily Catholic tone and uncharismatic leads. Predictable and lacking the required action it flounders half way through, if you can persevere that far.

A rather tedious plot is made better by a sturdy performance from Daly but all in all this remains a weak film with an uninspired story that becomes far too predictable for its own good.