Dakota Road Review

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Labourer's daughter Jen spends her days fantasising about the officers at a local U.S airbase, but her dreams of glamour and excitement are shattered when a pilot takes advantage of her.


Unadulterated misery which stands as the perfect indictment of the kind of no hope films financed by Film Four International and British Screen. In deepest East Anglia, American F-111 jets take off and land in the distance; teenage Charlotte Chatton has a Top Gun poster on her bedroom wall and has sex in a field with a local yokel; stuck up farmer Alan Howard observes through his telescope. Her dad loses his job and commits suicide, everyone has a long face and there’s lots of big pauses for thought which are supposed to mean something — but don’t.

If a movie has to be this downbeat, then there must surely be a point to showcasing the misery? Not here.