Daddy Day Care Review

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Finding themselves out of a job, two suburban dads go into the child-care business. This brings them into conflict with a local pre-school teacher, whose little students prefer the dads' antics to her own.


Eddie Murphy is a truly phenomenal actor. He has now mastered the art of thoroughly dominating a movie on the strength of his superhuman indifference alone. He is, perhaps, the only performer alive whose very perfunctoryness is a swirling, hungry vortex so powerful it can suck whole movies, talented co-stars, serviceable premise and all, into its couldn't-give-a-shit maw.

And so it is with this perfectly presentable high-concept-for-kids film, in which two downsized dads (Murphy and Garlin) decide to capitalise on their free time by opening a day care centre for local toddlers.

Okay, it's not exactly Preston Sturges, but on paper it's good for a few laughs, surely, especially with reliable second-stringers like Steve Zahn and Angelica Huston on board. Sadly not, since Murphy, determined not to give any kind of performance himself, infects the whole thing with his disdain - even the kids, which really takes its own special talent.

Horrible, thanks to Murphy being there solely to pick up his cheque. But hey, it's just a kids' film, so who cares, right?